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Makeup Tips & Hacks

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Just some things I have learned and truly appreciate are makeup tips and hacks that I now pass along to you. You may already know some of these, but those who don't, well, you're welcome! I love sharing knowledge to empower you.

  1. Add a liquid bronzer or liquid illuminator to your liquid foundation and blend. This will add a tint for either a natural-looking tan if using a liquid bronzer such as Dr. Hauschka's Translucent Bronze Tint or radiance to highlight areas of your face if using a liquid illuminator such as Iconic London Illuminator liquid drops.

  2. To warm up your foundation, apply onto your face and neck using your fingers. To blend it into your hairline and on your neck and ears, use a beauty blender, then your base will appear seamless. If you use a flat brush, apply the foundation onto your cheeks in a downward direction to prevent those fine baby hairs from showing.

  3. To prolong eyeshadow, add a primer base to your eyelids beforehand. I typically apply a base creamy eyeshadow such as MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pot which I find effective for preventing creasing and is buildable. I also take a white kohl eyeliner pencil such as MAC's Eye Kohl in Fascination and shade your whole eyelid first. This will enhance your eyeshadow as it appears opaque which will intensify and make any colour pop.

  4. Mascara doesn't last long especially if you pump it with the wand. That only dries it up quicker and then it is time to get a new one. To revive it, add a couple drops of saline solution to the bottle and then replace the wand and shake it to blend.

  5. Not all eyelashes are created equally, or at least look the same. I learned a trick to help make sparse-looking eyelashes appear thicker. Apply a first coat of mascara onto lashes, then pat pressed powder onto the tops them with a flat brush and then re-apply mascara sweeping from the top and under and this thickens lashes and also keeps them in place looking fuller than usual.

  6. Mascara (regular and waterproof) can also double as a gel eyeliner for the top of your eyelid using a small eyeliner brush for fine application.

  7. Save your lightly used eyelash spoolies! I wash them and then re-use for combing out eyelashes and for eyebrow grooming.

  8. To make eyelashes curl better, heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer or a lighter. Just ensure the rubber is removed first and allow for the eyelash curler to cool off for approximately 8-10 seconds but still warm to prevent any accidental burns to your eyelid. Slowly clamp down on your lashes.

  9. Prolong your lip colour by first applying your lip colour, then tear a piece of tissue, peel the thin layer and then cover your lips with it. Next, take a brush and dust on some translucent setting powder to set your lips, remove the tissue and if you need, add another layer of your lip colour on top and repeat. This will give you an instant long wear to your pout.

  10. If you want to use a loose powder to shade your lips, take a little bit of petroleum jelly or a salve onto a spoon and then add some loose powder to it. Mix together and add more loose powder to intensify the shade to your preference. Using a lip brush, paint onto your lips and voila!

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