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Day to Evening

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Transitioning your day look into evening is nothing to fret about.

I don't wear makeup everyday, I usually only spend time to apply makeup properly when I go out somewhere for a long period of time and even then, it's not always that I am wearing a lot of layers. Sometimes, I just want a light base with a fresh glow and a little bit of colour so I don't look like I just rolled out of bed except for when I head to work out at the gym of course :)

I always suggest to go with how you are feeling and what look makes you feel comfortable to move about not feeling conscious about how your face appears.

Not everyone has the time first thing in the morning heading out before the day begins to apply a full makeup. That routine can look like just blush, eyeliner and lipstick or some form of easy lip colour; I used to be this way, it was all I needed and I was fine with that. In my teen years and during my young adult life, I did not apply a base foundation. Back then, the foundation I saw always looked so heavy and caked on which was something I avoided completely and I was definitely uncomfortable applying. I looked after my skin getting away with just a cleanser such as Clean 'n Clear and my skin was practically flawless just by cleansing daily so for me, there was no need for anything heavy.

Cosmetics have come a long way since then some years 20 years ago which has made makeup so much more interesting with a lot of variations to accommodate different skin types, conditions and preference. Now, I am particular with my skincare especially because I realized how sensitive my skin is based on reactions and I have had some bad reactions to some. I have tried samples from different cosmetic companies and it's honestly the best way to know if you like how it looks on you before you buy and be inspired by your own results after practising. Your comfort level just increases when you have the patience to learn and keep at it.

Now transitioning from a day look to an evening look can be whatever you want it to be. That look may vary depending on where the evening will take place. But simply adding a winged eyeliner or a smokey eye variation including the colours you choose and the shade to have on your eyelids and the style of application will make all the difference! Adding some contouring to areas based on your face shape will also add more depth to your final evening glam. If that's too daunting for you to create, a kohl eye pencil is a great alternative to eyeshadow as it is easy to smudge and spread across your eyelids as well as using a caviar stick (so many great varieties out there too) simplifies the eyeshadow application.

Your lip colour will definitely change your look depending on how light or heavy is your eye makeup. Whether you apply a nude lip colour for a more low-key sultry pout or a deeper or brighter lip colour, always ensure it matches your cheek colour. And of course, my favourite to top off your evening glam, highlighter. I use any form in liquid, pressed or loose powder or a cream based highlighter. Whatever shade you end up with will definitely be eye-catching. Applying highlighter to the apples of your cheeks, on your brow bone and/or side of your temples, lightly on your cupid's bow, and bridge and tip of your nose and ensure to blend it lightly into your skin to create that sultry glow. Also, depending on what top you are wearing, lightly brush on some of that fab highlighter to your collar bone or shoulders and then finish off with finishing spray for a longer lasting effect and voila! You are ready for a night out :)

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