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Base Foundation Review

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Tried, tested and blogging about

I am not brand loyal to any specific brand of cosmetics, (though I do have certain favourites) because I believe that with different skin tones, skin type, and various skin conditions, there is a wide selection out there and cosmetic brands are always improving their formulas so there is always something that might be better suited accordingly.

I have a medium skin tone complexion with combination skin where my T-zone is dry and I prefer my coverage to be medium with a dewy finish, but it also depends on the current season and/or the environment I will be in. In terms of foundation, I have tried a few brands already including #MACcosmetics, #NARS, #BobbiBrown, #Illamasqua, #Jouer, #Chantecaille, #Tarte, #Burberry, #TheOrdinary, #MaxFactor, #No7 and my current fave is a liquid foundation in a bottle by #EllisFaas in S105L.

Ellis Faas is an Amsterdam-based company and I absolutely LOVE the products that I have purchased so far. I describe the foundation texture to be in between a light dewy finish and medium coverage. It glides on smoothly and evenly for that medium coverage and has a luminous effect on my skin tone feeling nourished and hydrated throughout the day, and bonus is that a little goes a long way! The only drawback is the price as it is on the higher end at $82.00 USD / £55.00 so because of this, I want mine to last by alternating foundation brands.

My other favourite foundation formula is by Bobbi Brown - the Skin Long-Wear Weightless Liquid Foundation with SPF15 in Honey 5.0. I've just tried this one before Summer started and compared to Ellis Faas, upon application, I see that it provides a bit more coverage but not looking so matte or dry for about 16-hours long wear which is fantastic for a full day out.

For a more natural light-weight coverage, my current go-to is by Chantecaille - their Future Skin Gel Foundation which is water-based in either Cream or Wheat, which I change as my skin tone varies by season. When I don't want to look heavy, but still have an even-skin tone with a natural look, this does not disappoint. It is so lightweight and looks and feels like I am not wearing any makeup at all -- perfect for my post-gym workout. I used to always just use NARS for the same affect using their Sheer Glow foundation in Barcelona and mixed it with a drop of their Illuminator alternating between Copacabana for a lighter radiance or with Hot Sand for a hint of sun-kissed shimmer.

NARS also has a great tinted radiant moisturizer in the shades St. Moritz and Annapurna (alternating between seasons) that I always have in my cosmetics kit that doubled as my moisturizer which also has SPF30 coverage so I don't have to add sunscreen to my face for sun protection because voila - it's already in there! So post-gym, it's simple makeup that is also buildable later on if I want to add foundation for more coverage.

I recently received a sample packet of Jouer's new Essential High Coverage Crème foundation in Honey Beige to try out. At first application, it was smooth and definitely a more matte coverage. Again, for me, because I don't navigate towards the matte coverage foundations often, I thought it wasn't for me. I can say though, that it felt very lightweight and appeared natural-looking on my matte foundation scale. However, after adding Iconic London's Liquid Illuminator in the colour Shine on my cheekbones and jawline, I was pleasantly impressed. My face had a great even texture with good coverage and a glow. I added this after the foundation but I'll bet it blends well before application. Benefits of this foundation include being oil-free, and that it contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps plump up your skin and is hydrating.

Tarte's Shape Tape foundation is fabulous! In particular, the hydrating version glides on well and only requires one layer though buildable depending on your preference of coverage. Their matching Shape Tape contour concealer contains shea butter and mango seed butter which applies so well on top and still leaves my skin looking natural. And for those who look for Vegan cosmetics, Tarte is an advocate.

Another brand I absolutely love is the No7 Brand new Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION serum foundation formula great for anti-ageing. This claims to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and improves the firmness and uneven skin tones. The appearance of age spots, pores and discolourations are instantly reduced for a flawless looking, radiant complexion. It looks good and is certainly sold at a great price point at Boots here in the UK at £18,00 but a trial will be the determining factor for me.

Stay tuned for more reviews as I sample more.

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