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Welcome to my page - it's nice to meet you! 

My name is Carm and I consider myself a wanderlust these days as I've have done a lot of travelling, not necessarily to a lot of countries (just some) but I am all over the place to add to my life experiences.  I love to travel :)    


Growing up, I was very interested in becoming a Fashion Designer and went to school for it but didn't end up pursuing it.  It started with sketching and painting so I knew I had an artistic interest.  My former career life consisted of operating in HR and IT Project Management roles but that became tedious and boring for me after years of doing it.  I am a hard-working mom to 3 grown kids (though if you see my picture, it's a shock factor - happens all the time).  If you're a fellow mama bear, you know that everything you do is for your family which can be demanding at times but, I love it!  I can't complain about my life really, because life is good. 


I never thought I'd consider becoming a makeup artist, but I decided that I needed to do something that was enriching for me and where I can truly show my more creative side.  And, as I aged into my 40's, I became more conscious about aging and skincare, and though I have always had a basic routine for my face, it was only then when I began a more serious skincare regimen.  I have always been interested in makeup and the results, and I follow so many talented makeup artists out there to continuously learn and evolve.   


Just think of me as a travelling makeup artist mama who currently does this on a freelance basis.  I am eternally thankful to my better half who has provided this opportunity for me to leave the daily job to explore my art and after a few years of being a lady of leisure and full-time mama and wifey, I am finally doing something I am happy to wake up doing. 



I took some makeup application courses in London, UK first at The London School of Makeup and received my certification from there and continued with more courses such as a Bridal Makeup course at The London Makeup School.  I am also certified in Airbrush Makeup application which I received from The Academy of Freelance Makeup and I have done courses at Chanel's London Makeup Studio inside Harrod's Department Store, as well as exploring techniques with the British makeup brand Illamasqua.


With my love for all things beauty and my passion for happy clients as a result of my work, I evolve with experience one model at a time.  Everyone wants to feel special inside and out and I endeavour to create that starting with our connection.  

Check out my work and reach out (I don't bite) if you want to chat and brainstorm ideas about what I can create for your special look or if you just want to have some fun with makeup!  I see every face as a great canvas and I would love to work on yours!

"Everything has beauty in it,

but not everyone sees it"


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

~Margaret Wolf Hungerford~

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